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Earth - We are at the best university of the Solar System

Dernière mise à jour : 2 août 2019

As a human we have a tendency to think our way of living, our way of evolving, our way of acting and most of all our way of thin-king is normal... But its not ! 

Since centuries and centuries we are living entirely seperate from ourself, from our hearts, from our inner guidance ; the universal consciousness.

A new earth is rising at that time ; Made of Love, Consciousness, Self mastery & Unity and it started in each one of us. 

Make peace with your past and break down the walls ; the prison is not outside but inside of you.

Dont be afraid of your emotions, feelings it have so much to say and will guide you to self mastery : accept it.

Be kind to yourself, you need to love and respect you before you can love someone else.

Remember who you truly are ; You are not your thought, you are not your fear neither what your family or a right thinking society wants you to be. 

Blessed are the darkest times of your life ; It will lead you to incarnate the best version of yourself.

Its started every morning when you woke up thankful for what you got, following your dreams, your heart, your soul , putting beautiful thought and actions into the world you want to create and live in - no matter what others are thinking because you know you are exactly where you're supposed to be ! 

We took different roads but it all lead to the same point ; You're at the best university of the solar system ; EARTH. Open the door...


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