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Letting go and honoring me as a Woman and Sacred Being ✨ Cheers to Love, Inner Peace and Healing 🦋🌸

I always been sensitive (extra-sensitive) to graphics, colors, forms and emotions. Emotions hidden behind people smile or tears, emotions putting somewhere on a personal notebook or sharing / spreading with truth and authenticity in public places or intimacy such as street art, photography, dance, poetry, painting, film, music or simply a real talk (…) Everywhere and every time i get the chance to be inspire, to be touch by people, their stories, their heart, places or unknown land ; I learn about myself, I change, I Loved, I grow…

From Africa (where I was born) to France. From France to Bangkok. From Bangkok to Paris. From Paris to Lisbon. From Lisbon to India. From India to my One and Only home (=my own and inner sacred place).

Those places I lived in as well as those magical meetings, improbable encounters (in improbable places), synchronicities, reunions, soul connection, heart recognitions - These beings who seems coming out of nowhere only to offer you the gift of their existence, to remind you the blessing of life and illuminate your path in every way possible - There is no way I could believe in chance anymore. It change my life and their no words big enough to say how grateful I am I get the chance to meet them - here - On earth. They are my friends, my family. They are the one I came across for few months, weeks, days or even hours but who have left the spark of a light I will feel forever in my heart. Experiences and people who have hurt me ; I thanks them for the lessons. I overcame it all. Ive forgiven.

Since im back in France its quite a lot of change in my life but also a lot of fun to be home and experimenting things! It felt like I started to put back together all the pieces of my own self. This is when i decided to create Bien-être, énergie et spiritualité (Well being, energy and spirituality). I moved right next to the ocean which is an amazing daily blessing. My mom and dad are not religious i never been into "God" and all... I never understood how people could possibly fight and kill each other in the name of stories and beliefs we call « religions ». Same way I never been into "spirituality" until i had no others choice but facing myself because i was a young person suffering of being alive. Very young a felt the need to found inner answers to my pain. I never felt the need to talk about it, I always thought it was to weird to be told. It was private, it was my secret garden. Im proud of myself I never gave up on me. I use to be the one dealing in silence with her own sadness, madness, darkness... Even if i was smiling most of the time. Even if I always truly and deeply loved people, discovering and learning new things.

I was so ashamed i felt that much pain inside my chest at night, that much fear, confusion and insecurities. That much dark thoughts and emptiness inside me. I was young but deep down it was anger and sadness. Most parts of this world were hurting me, it made me suffocated from the inside - more than giving me a chance to believe i could grow up "normally", this society, the speed, it fast, the stress, making me feel like : "This s*it make NO Sens. Im not gonna make it » .

I remember the TV in my parents kitchen and myself crying sometime in front of the news. (Still... I went to school, I completed my management degree before going to work abroad). What I can call now « initiation » was fast. Probably because the amount of pain in that body was so huge. I had to face my own hell. I know exactly where i came from. I raised from my darkest time and as funny as it seems this is for certain one of the biggest blessings this life gave me : Understanding, Forgiveness, Compassion, Transformation. I grow, i change, i healed, i learn how to Love myself. Today i feel like theres more Love and gratitude in my heart than anything I could have imagined one day.

More than « thinking » or conceptualizing things with my logical brain - or to be attached or unchained to my own thought and beliefs ; I learn how to overcome my pains, my wounds. I learn how to Feel it / to vibrate it with my heart, how to reconnect to myself - To trust my inner guidance - To have faith in me - getting back to my body and sensation - embrasse it no matter how uncomfortable it was - To feel deeply - With an open heart and my entire body and self. I learn to put words on my owns feelings, sensations, emotions - I learn to honor myself - My sacred space - Im a Woman - Im a Human - Im a Divide being - Every damn things at the same time !

Im learning to be me - Im learning to be FREE - Entire and Complete Again.

People keep asking me about « the futur » , about « tomorrow ». I don’t know what the future will be and honestly I don’t care because I celebrate « today » and each day of my life as a constant blessing. No matter what tomorrow will be, I know now I will face it, accept it, embrasse it with dignity and inner peace.

Some people said that this world is a mess and are only complaining - During that time some others are trusting themselves, they chase their dreams, they make it happen, they are taking risks, they trust the process, they follow the flow, they are making it REAL.

I say Planet Earth has been asleep for too long it is now time to change, to (re)built, to Love, to honor each other as ONE Humanity.

As far as im concern I only see transformation, healing into a better version of ourselves for more Consciousness, Harmony, and Unity. Im full of dreams, full of hope, full of projects.. Divide timing will take care of the rest. Music, Art and so many more things…

So Cheers to Love. Cheers to peace. Cheers to change. Cheers to You. Cheers to Us. Cheers to darkness. Cheers to Grow. Cheers to healing. And instant soul recognition ✨🦋🌸

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